Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brucie Cheese reports in from NYC

He's on the move and the only thing that will stop him is...cheese, of course!

First stop:
Zabar's, NYC...

On his search for cheese in Manhattan, Zabar's might just be the place to be.  Oh the selections!

Where will Brucie Cheese go next?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week #26 - Fromage d'Affinois

This week celebrates our half-way journey through cheese.

This double-cream cheese, as Sunny Cheese puts it, "is some dangerous cheese here." Tremendously rich and flavorful, buttery and creamy to the n-th degree. As Brucie Cheese said, "This is what I imagine French cheese would be like if I had never been to France, but someone described it to me. Perfect."

This cheese has some serious ooze and ah's.

We paired this cheese with 365 Organic Wheat Squares and a 2009 Gouguenheim Malbec.

Brucie Cheese gives it a....9.8

Sunny Cheese gives it a...9.5

As testament to our halfway mark, we reflected on the past 25 cheeses, noting, that not one has yet achieved the ultimate 10 rating....the zenith...the pinnacle...the cheese of cheese. Many have come close, including this week.  Our quest continues...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week #25 - White Stilton with Cranberries

This English cheese is our first cheese with fruit in it. Very sweet. Without the fruit, the cheese will be very tart, but with the cranberries - it's sweet, just like us.
A little known fact about this English breed cheese "A 2005 survey carried out by the British Cheese Board reported that Stilton cheese seemed to cause unusual dreams when eaten before sleep, with 75% of men and 85% of women experiencing "odd and vivid" dreams after eating a 20-gram serving of the cheese half an hour prior to sleeping."
I guess we'll just have to see....

Brucie Cheese gives it a ... 8.9!
Sunny Cheese gives it a ... 8.9!
Mini Mundy gives it a ... 8.9!

Week #24 - Manchego

This 8 month old Spanish sheep cheese (say that ten times fast) is not for the faint of heart. Robust and crumbly, it's one of those salty cheeses, but in a good way. It's a bit nutty, slightly gritty, with a tart finish. Very complex. There's a lot going on, which is why it aint, for the faint...of heart. It's a good stand alone cheese, you don't need a cracker or a piece of bread, which is not meant to disparage.

Brucie Cheese gives it a ... 9.4
Sunny Cheese gives it a .... 8.9
Mini Mundy gives it a .... 9.2

Week #23 - Amadeus

This straight from the cow, Austrian Cheese, is mild in flavor, semi-firm yet creamy that's a reminder of when Swiss, Cheddar, Havarti, and Parmesan once met. It has a buttery feel to it and we think might be a great melting-on-top-of-garlic-bread-cheese. Definitely could go on eating this cheese in one sitting.

Brucie Cheese gives it a ... 9.2
Sunnie Cheese gives it a ... 9.2
Liannie Cheese gives it a ...9.8

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week #22 - Poutine

This week, our Cheesers went off premises to the city they love most. This Lower East Side location encapsulates cheese which ends the perfect evening. Left alone, this cheese just wouldn't do it for our cheese lovers. But...topped over french fries and gravy...and you've got yourself a top notch cheese lovers' paradise. This curdled cheddar cheese, a Montreal favorite, must be enjoyed with a plastic fork...on the streets...of the city we love.

Brucie Cheese gives it a....(only in NYC, after midnight, after beers)...9.2
Sunnie Cheese gives it a...(only in NYC, after midnight, after beers)...9.8

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week #21 - Murray Bridge Australian Chedder

After a long hiatus, the Cheese-ing duo is back at it again. This time with a newly explored region.

We paired this cheese with black seedless grapes and Red Bicyclette's 2008 Merlot, which we found to be, quotes Brucie Cheese "the two of these together is's one of those cheeses I can eat a ton of."

Here we have a very creamy, smooth, Chedder from Down Under. It starts tart and ends smokey.

We would like to additionally pair this cheese with a song: Men at Work's Land Down Under.

Brucie Cheese gives it an ....8.9 !!
Sunnie Cheese gives it an ....8.0 !!

Guest tasting Bunnie Cheese gives it an...8.5 !!